Jonathon Baron

Articles Peter M. Aronow, Jonathon S. Baron, and Lauren E. Pinson. “A Note on Dropping Experimental Subjects who Fail a Manipulation Check.” In press at Political Analysis. Available here.

Stephen Herzog and Jonathon Baron. “Public Support, Political Polarization, and the Nuclear Test Ban: Evidence from a New National Survey.” In press at The Nonproliferation Review.

Working Papers Jonathon S. Baron and Stephen Herzog. “Mass Attitudes and the Nuclear Energy-Weapons Relationship.”

Jonathon S. Baron. “Research Note: Predicting North Korean provocations from official state rhetoric.” Please contact me directly for an updated copy.

Peter M. Aronow, Jonathon Baron, and Jun Won Park. “Improving Convenience Samples through Shared Questions: Survey Evidence from the ‘Quasi-ANES’.”