Jonathon Baron


Stephen Herzog, Jonathon Baron, and Rebecca Gibbons. “Anti-Normative Messaging, Group Cues, and the Nuclear Ban Treaty.” Forthcoming at The Journal of Politics. Preprint available at SSRN. Replication data available at The Journal of Politics Dataverse.

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Working Papers

Jonathon Baron. “Dynamic Constraint and the Politics of Nuclear Attitudes.” Working paper available at SocArXiv.

Jonathon Baron. “Mass Attitudes and Discrimination Against Hypothetical Job Candidates in Japan: A resumé-based survey experiment.” Working paper available at SSRN.

Other Publications

Stephen Herzog, Benoît Pelopidas, Jonathon Baron, and Fabrício Fialho. June 23, 2020. “Donald Trump Could Lose the Election by Authorizing a New Nuclear Weapons Test.” The National Interest. Available at

Jonathon Baron and Stephen Herzog. April 27, 2020. “Poll: What the American public likes and hates about Trump’s nuclear policies.” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Available at